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Before WTI releases Wisplites to the general public, we're looking for the real-world testing, evaluation and guidance, so are calling on beta testers to help us document product reliability, tweak user-defined settings and refine aesthetics (look/feel) of exterior materials.

In exchange for this guidance, WTI is offering:

  1. advance access to the Wisplite technology;
  2. to keep testers supplied with product;
  3. a web portal dedicated to collecting and sharing product usage feedback;
  4. advance access to future product releases; and
  5. the option to purchase Wisplites at manufacturing cost for the first year after public release.

Participant Qualifications:

To qualify, participants must be at least 21 years of age, be a current or past habitual consumer of tobacco cigarettes, and be familiar with the conceptually similar 'e-cigs', either as users or distributors of these products. Employees and agents of WTI and its partner companies are not eligible to be Beta Program participants.

To receive program details as they are announced and reserve a spot, complete our Beta Program Application.


The Wisplite Tango Beta Program will be conducted in partnership with ePuffer International Inc., a leading brand of electronic cigarettes. Other established distributors (minimum 1 year in operation) of the conceptually similar "e-cigs" are also welcome to partner with us in the delivery of this program.

Selected distributors will be provided with Wisplite kits at manufacturing cost for delivery to those of their customers registered as Beta Program participants, and have access to product usage reports in real-time. At conclusion of the Beta Program, contributing distributors will also be given first rights on licensing opportunities.

Interested distributors should complete our Licensing Inquiry form no later than June 30 2015.


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