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Materials (Archive)

The following archived materials are available for distribution in digital format. Complete our request form to receive a copy by email.

Current materials are available to corporate stakeholders only and can be downloaded directly from the Repository.

powerpoint Corporate Presentation
(17 slides, prepared January 2013)
pdf International (PCT) Patent Search Report & Written Opinion
(12 pages, received January 2013)
WTI's international patent application (filed with the Canadian Receiving Office in August 2012 pursuant to the Patent Cooperation Treaty) was examined by the International Search Authority (ISA), and resulted in a highly favourable patent search and patentability opinion.
pdf Non-Infringement Opinion, D. Ingalls
(19 pages, prepared December 2012)
A legal opinion was commissioned Fall 2012 to evaluate WTI's technologies and patent claims relative to known proprietary claims of competitive technologies. Findings: WTI's technologies do not infringe upon known competitor claims; competitor patents are arguably indefensible.
pdf excel Financial Model
(35 pages, revised November 2012)
pdf Business Summary
(17 pages, revised November 2012)
pdf Executive Summary
(1 page, revised November 2012)
pdf International (PCT) Patent Application
(PCT/CA2012/000767, filed August 2012)
WTI filed its provisional patent application through the CIPO (Canada) in 2011 and, following production prototyping, extended its proprietary claims internationally with a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) application filed through the Canadian Receiving Office in August 2012.
pdf Technology Analysis & Feasibility Study, Rizun et. al.
(24 pages, prepared August 2011)
An independent Technology Analysis & Feasibility Study was commissioned Spring 2011 to evaluate WTI's technologies relative to existing products and market conditions. Findings: WTI's business model is technologically and economically viable.


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